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Did your dog barely pass obedience school and doesn't seem to remember anything he learned? Leave it to us. We've got many tools and techniques that will turn that D+ grade into an A+ in no time. Our proven methods will unleash the lifetime learner in your dog you always knew was just waiting to come out. From puppies to adult dogs, we offer a range of services including obedience and advanced level training as well as behavior modification in a one-on-one private lesson setting throughout central Connecticut.

We've designed our training methodology and approach to help dog owners and their families solve behavioral problems and achieve training goals in a force-free, humane and effective manner. Naturally Pawsitive works with you to identify goals for your dog and then helps turn your vision into reality.

Whatever your need, from housebreaking a new puppy to bringing a shy dog out of her shell, we will partner with you to create a happy, healthy and long lasting relationship between you and your dog. Using event marking and positive reinforcement, you will see your dog transform into an accelerated, enthusiastic learner and she will retain that learning for years to come.

Dogs of all ages, breeds and size are welcome at Naturally Pawsitive.

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