We're all dog lovers at heart

Did you adopt your dog thinking you were getting a companion you could happily take on outings and explore new places? But you leave him home because you worry that he won't behave in public. Whether it is your adorable little puppy that won't stop nipping or the adolescent that seems to have a mind of his own, we can help.

Through private, in-home training, we will transform him into that well-behaved dog who is an active member of your family. Just like you always wanted.


We understand you're busy and can't always get to a training class. Let us come to you at a time that works best for your family. We teach obedience and life skills that are foundational in making your dog a well behaved member of the family and a joy to be around.


Does your dog bark like crazy when the doorbell rings and jumps all over your guests as they try to come into your home? How about when they see another dog on the street? Need help with housebreaking? Or maybe guarding food or toys is a problem? We will come to you and address the problem where it is happening, giving you and your dog the skills and help you need where you need it the most.

Life Events

Do you already have a dog and are now thinking about becoming a multi-dog home? We can make a smooth transition for your dog and his new playmate. Or perhaps you're adding a two-legged family member to the household. As you learn what to expect while your expecting, let us prepare your dog for the new arrival, putting both you and your dog at ease when your baby comes home from the hospital.


Claudia Barbuto is the founder and head trainer at Naturally Pawsitive. She offers customized in-home training, using force-free, positive dog training and behavior modification methods. A graduate with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (KPA) and certified through the The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Claudia has been training dogs since 2008. After many years of training and involvement in dog-related activities, Claudia decided the best way she could make a difference in the dog and human world was to become a professional certified dog trainer. Keeping dogs and humans together in their homes by teaching them how to relate and communicate with each other is the key to keeping dogs out of shelters and pounds.

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