Calm Canine Training Package

Does your dog bark like crazy when the doorbell rings? Jump all over your guests as they try to come into your home? Overreact when seeing another dog on the street? Or maybe a different, unwanted behavior? We will come to you and address the problem where it is happening, giving you and your dog skills and help where you need it the most.

Puppy Training Package

A trained and properly socialized puppy is key to having a well-behaved family dog for years to come. You want to get your puppy off to the right start, but where do you begin? We demystify puppy raising and get you and your family focused on what your puppy needs during this developmental stage of life.

Good Dog Manners Training Package

Whether it's brushing up on basic obedience or bringing your dog's manners to a whole new level, we can help. The Good Dog Manners Training Package starts with an in-home consultation where we will develop a training plan tailored to your goals. We then implement the plan over four weekly sessions at your home or at another location.

Nervous or Shy Dog Training Package

Does your dog startle at loud sounds? Shy away from people trying to pet them? Or is your dog excessively clingy, almost velcroed to you? The Nervous or Shy Dog Training Package is designed to increase your dog's confidence and give both you and your dog the tools and management techniques you need.