What our Customers are Saying

Claudia is an amazing trainer. I’ve done both personal and group training for my dogs. She is patient and effective! Her classes are also fun, and she offers a variety of different options! I highly recommend bringing your dogs to Naturally Pawsitive.
Lisa A.
Our first experience with Naturally Pawsitive was in July of 2018. We had recently got a 10 week old Cane Corso puppy, Banner. I knew that this time around I wanted to do positive reinforcement training and clicker training. I was convinced I could figure it out on my own and would have the perfect dog in a week! I soon realized I needed professional guidance and was so grateful to find Naturally Pawsitive while searching the web. We started working with Claudia doing private in-home training and then group classes, both have been outstanding learning experiences. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Claudia, both as a person and trainer. She is personable, professional and knowledgeable. She has taught, encouraged, challenged and inspired me to not only work to have a “well trained/behaved” dog, but to have a great respectful loving relationship with my dog. We have learned so much and will continue to take classes to work towards our goals!
Brooke C.
Claudia is extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic trainer. We just completed our first family training course and will be enrolling in the intermediate course. We can’t wait to continue learning as a family!
Andrea J.
Claudia is extremely knowledgeable and patient. If you do the homework, then your dog is going to benefit greatly from any class you take with Claudia.
Andrew C.
My jack Russell was out of control. He was a year old when I brought him to training at Naturally Pawsitive. When I left and with the techniques Claudia taught me, I continued to work with my pup. He actually sits, lays l, comes to me on command, he stopped running away, doesn’t run out the front door when you open it. He’s a completely different dog. It took work but It was worth it. I am so grateful. I highly recommend Naturally Pawsitive to anyone for any type of dog.
Amanda S.
The trick class was the best, we had a lot of fun training with you. Looking forward to more class.
Joyce D.
Great classes. Claudia is very knowledgeable and helpful
Stephanie H.
We recently attended an advanced obedience training class with our 10 yr old female German Shepherd. It was very informative & fun to help improve her attention & our knowledge of working with her. Claudia is very good at using positive reinforcement training techniques to attain the desired results requested of your dog. We would recommend her training classes to anyone wishing to learn how to get an understanding of how your dog works & how to help he/she understand you better.
Kris S.
We have a very springy puppy who definitely needed more formal, consistent training. We realized just how lacking in some skills she was when we arrived at our first class. If you've ever had the goofball dog, you know how scrutinized you can feel in a group, but Claudia was super non-judgmental in helping us build some better behaviors--for us and the dog! She gets to know each dog's personality and is super encouraging. Also loved how she explained WHY we teach the dog the things we teach, and in what context each skill will come in handy. We will definitely be back for future classes.
Joanna L.
Claudia is a fantastic trainer.
Martha H.
Claudia is the best! She takes the time with each dog to get to know them and their quirks so she can give you individualized feedback-even in a group setting. She truly puts 150% into every training class. I can’t say enough good things about her as a trainer. When I got my dog, she was very fearful of many things, including going through doors and loud traffic. After Claudia’s class, she will happily waltz through any and every door. She has come out of her shell and really grown into her personality, and I owe a lot of that growth to Claudia.
Anna N.
We brought our two puppies to Claudia's Puppy Start Right class. She is incredibly patient with the puppies and their people and gave us all the tools we need to have polite dogs. We will continue with her Family Dog classes and would recommend her to our friends.
Amy L.
Claudia takes the time to listen and provide one-on-one guidance. She customizes to a family’s needs when it comes to dog training and dog assistance. Claudia is a wealth of knowledge about all things dog related and how to maximize not only your dog’s skills and behavior but also your human/dog relationship. One of the best things you’ll find about Claudia is constantly up to date with new information about new trends, tips and tricks. You’ll find her passion contagious!
Katie T.
I can’t say enough about Claudia, she is extremely intelligent and when it comes to canines, she is a dog whisperer. When I needed help with Peanut, a pup I was taking care of she helped in his training and everything from coat care, dental care, and so much more. You will not find a more committed person when it comes to quality positive training. I highly recommend her to anyone with any breed of dog!
Alexandra D.
I volunteered with Claudia at dog adoption events. I witnessed first-hand how caring and patient she is with both dog and owner.
Bette C.
On 2/5/18 Claudia came to my house to evaluate my latest adopted Havanese dog named "Cami". All went well and I have some homework to do with Cami. I really enjoyed the visit and evaluation! Claudia is the greatest trainer ever!
Maria M.
Claudia is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She truly cares about the pets she works with and goes above and beyond to achieve the best results between pet and parent.
Barb M.
Wonderful Trainer! Claudia has a very positive way of training your Pet and very gentle. I am very protective of my dogs and would not tolerate anything harsh. You will not be disappointed, and your dog won’t either.
Judith L.
I took the Family Dog course with instructor Claudia Barbuto recently because I had rescued a mixed breed puppy and wanted to begin his (omg) much needed training. Claudia did an excellent job!! The techniques she taught us and the issue-specific advice she provided made all the difference. The training is 100% positive and force-free, which was extremely important to me and proved remarkably effective at getting my desired outcomes. I highly recommend Claudia for all your dog training needs.
Terry D.
I loved working with Claudia. She took the time to get to know my dog and what he needed and what his issues were, then she worked with his issues to ensure he got what he needed and had a beneficial experience. She also spent time with me, asking what my concerns were and what I wanted to get out of the class. She was most concerned about my dog and making sure it was a positive experience and that the program worked for him. I really appreciated the personal touch and the genuine concern for my dog. Her methods of positive training were appealing to me and worked best with my dog - positive reinforcement without punishment. It was a great method and a great class. I highly recommend any of her classes. She was fabulous!
Heidi U.
Claudia is an excellent dog trainer. She is not only well educated in animal behavior but is patient, kind and understanding of your training goals. Throughout my training career, Claudia has been a mentor, colleague and personal friend of mine who has only been helpful in sorting through the process of becoming a professional dog trainer. I am positive she will show you the same guidance, experience, and professionalism. I would highly recommend Claudia to anyone.
Meghan P.
Claudia did a fantastic job running a workshop with a bunch of enthusiastic dogs and their owners. Everyone enjoyed the workshop and all the dogs were successful - doesn't get better than that!
Kathie N.