Behavior Modification

Addressing your dog's unwanted behaviors

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Behavior Modification Package


Includes five in-home training sessions

Training is at your home where your dog learns best and allows personalized attention from a certified dog trainer. This five session package starts with a consultation where we assess your dog's behavior, develop a customized training plan, and implement management strategies. We then execute your training plan over the four remaining sessions at your home or another location.

We provide dog training and handling skills for your real-life situations. This package is tailored to you and your dog's needs and can address behaviors such as:
  • Barking or lunging on leash
  • Protecting food, bones, toys, people, etc.
  • Growling or snapping
  • Barking excessively
  • Reactivity
  • Aggressive towards other dogs or people

If you have questions about whether this is the right package for your dog, please contact us with details about your dog's behavior.

This package includes:
  • Initial 90 minute consultation
  • Four additional 60 minute sessions
  • Modern, positive reinforcement training
  • Customized training exercises and coaching
  • Supplemental training materials as needed
  • Email and text support
  • Additional packages available upon completion